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Sun 18 Jun 2023

Dürer Kert | Budapest


Son Lux brings their dreamy songs to Budapest again.

Son Lux will not keep their fans waiting long after the Reflektor Festival: they will cross the ocean again on 18th June to play their cathartic songs in Budapest at Dürer Kert.

Son Lux has functioned from the very beginning as a kind of sonic test kitchen. The members of the geographically and culturally diverse band, Rafiq Bhatia, Ian Chang and Ryan Lott, each bring a unique sound to create an otherworldly whole. Balancing raw emotional intimacy with meticulous electronic constructions, Son Lux blends of diverse musical influences brought together by its members. The band strives to challenge deeply held beliefs about the making of music and rebuild it from a molecular level. Son Lux originally started out as a solo project of Ryan Lott, but the chemistry he found with Chang and Bhatia was impossible to ignore, and this lucky trio has since released five LPs: Bones (2015), Brighter Wounds (2018) and the Tomorrows trilogy (2020-2021).

Son Lux filled the Dürer Kert twice, then played at Akvárium Klub, the Sziget Festival and the Reflektor Festival, and now they're back again on 18th June to reach the souls with their cinematic visions.

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