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Henry Rollins: Good to See You 2023

Henry Rollins: Good to See You 2023

Sun 12 Feb 2023

Doors: TBD

Henry Rollins back to Budapest after 12 years.

Henry Rollins has toured Hungary several times as the frontman of the Rollins Band and Black Flag, and most recently he performed a unique spoken word performance at the A38 Ship. It's true, 12 years have passed since then and Rollins luckily still has something to say. In fact, in his Good To See You 2023 tour, he'll be taking stock of what's happened since his last tour - pre-Covid - and he's guaranteed to have somef great stories to share about such a strange time on 12th February at Katona József Theatre.

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When describing Henry Rollins, there is a tendency to try to condense as many labels as possible into a single sentence. "Rollins is many things," writes The Washington Post, "a diatribe writer, confessor, provocateur, humorist, even motivational speaker... an enthusiastic and engaging chatterbox.". Entertainment Weekly lists him as a "punk rock icon. Spoken word poet. Actor. Author. DJ. Is there anything this guy can't do?" TV Guide more succinctly called him a "renaissance man", but if Henry Rollins could be reduced to a single word, it would undoubtedly be "workaholic". When he's not travelling, Rollins prefers to maintain a tireless, busy schedule: he's also an actor, writer, DJ, voice actor and TV show host, to name but a few of the roles that fill his schedule. Rollins has travelled the world as an outspoken artist, frontman of the Rollins Band and Black Flag, and as a lone traveller with an insatiable curiosity for places without roads, including Nepal, Sri Lanka, Siberia, North Korea, South Sudan and Iran.

And now he's on the road again! On the Good To See You 2023 tour, Henry will faithfully recount the events of his life in the short period before Covid since his last tour, and the one afterwards, when things got even stranger in the months that followed. It was an interesting period to say the least, and he has some great stories to tell. So let's listen to Henry Rollins' great stories together on 12th  February at Budapest.